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According to i-flash Solutions, India, Life time Membership is considered as One year Membership.

In Transit of Cheques and DD's, if any missed i-flash Solutions are not responsible. It is your own risk.

i-flash solutions reserves the right to add or alter anything without assigning any reasons.

I-flash Solutions, India does not guarantee that your use of the website will be error-free, uninterrupted, safe from viruses or other harmful elements or secure. Any opinions or ideas expressed on this site by visitors, employees of i-flash Solutions, India, or any other person does not create any warranty. The information posted on this site is not guaranteed to be accurate. The material posted on this site is not screened by I-flash Solutions, India. If any posted material violates this agreement, and if any user brings it to our notice, we will investigate it in good faith. If we do find a reason in such notices, we may remove such material or request the user to remove such material from the site. The site is a public site with free access and i-flash solutions , India assumes no liability for the quality and genuineness of responses. YOUR USE OF THIS WEBSITE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

i-flash solutions , India cannot monitor the responses that a person may receive in response to information he/she has displayed on the site. The individual/company would have to conduct its own background checks on the bonafide nature of all response(s).

i-flash solutions, India reserves the following rights: 1) To change the terms and conditions of this document. It is therefore recommended that you visit this page periodically. You continued use of the website after such changes constitutes your acceptance of the changes. 2) To change the access rules for the site. 3) To restrict/change any user from accessing the site. 4) To change the site in any way.

i-flash Solutions, India will not be liable on account of any inaccuracy of information on this web site. It is the responsibility of the visitor to further research the information on the site. Any breach of privacy or of the information provided by the consumer to i-flash Solutions ,India to be placed on the website by technical or any other means is not the responsibility of i-flash Solutions, India .i-flash Solutions, India does not guarantee confidentiality of information provided to it by any person acquiring/using all/any information displayed on the i-flash.in website or any of its other websites / domains owned and operated by i-flash Solutions, India.

i-flash Solutions, India does not share personally identifiable data of any individual with other companies / entities except with those acting as our agents in providing our Service to you or by recruiters who contact you through the details provided by you on product/service. i-flash Solutions, India shall share all such information that it has in its possession in response to legal process, such as a court order or subpoena.

The user shall not utilize the services offered by i-flash.in in any manner so as to impair the interests and functioning of i-flash.in . The user undertakes not to duplicate, download publish, modify and distribute material on i-flash.in unless specifically authorized by Indian Law in this regard. The user undertakes not to establish any deep link or other connection to any specific page of i-flash.in other than the Home Page without obtaining prior consent of i-flash.in . i-flash.in strictly forbids copying, duplicating web pages or content using any automated process such as spiders, crawlers etc. or through any manual process for a purpose which has not been authorized in writing.

Users undertake that the services offered by i-flash.in shall not be utilized to upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available either directly or indirectly, any unsolicited bulk e-mail or unsolicited commercial e-mail. i-flash.in reserves the right to filter and monitor and block the emails sent by you/user using the servers maintained by i-flash.in to relay emails. All attempts shall be made by i-flash.in and the user to abide by International Best Practices in containing and eliminating Spam

The User is solely responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the User password and user identification and all activities and transmission performed by the User through his user identification and shall be solely responsible for carrying out any online or off-line transaction involving credit cards / debit cards or such other forms of instruments or documents for making such transactions and i-flash Solutions, India assumes no responsibility or liability for their improper use of information relating to such usage of credit cards / debit cards used by the subscriber online / off-line.

User's Obligations

The User is solely responsible for the accuracy of the Registration Data given to the Company on initial application for the Service.

The User is responsible for the set-up or configuration of his equipment for access to the Service.

The User is solely responsible for obtaining, at his own cost, all licenses, permits, consents, approvals and intellectual property or other rights as may be required for using the Service.

The User will comply with all notices or instructions given by the Company from time to time in respect of the use of the Service.

The User shall be solely responsible for all information retrieved, stored and transmitted through the Service by him.

The User is solely responsible for the maintenance of confidentiality of and the User's password and user identification and all activities and transmission performed by the User through his user identification.

The User will immediately notify the Company of any un-authorized use of the User's account or any other breach of security known to the User.

The User shall where Subscription Fees are payable, to pay the same promptly as required by the Company from time to time.


The Company shall not be liable for any loss of information howsoever caused whether as a result of any interruption, suspension, or termination of the Service or otherwise, or for the contents, accuracy or quality of information available, received or transmitted through the Service.

The User shall be solely responsible, and the Company shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever, for ensuring that in using the Service, all applicable laws, rules and regulations for the use of systems, service or equipment shall be at all times complied with.

The Company makes no representations and warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the Services and in relation to the accuracy or quality of any information transmitted or obtained through the Services or i-flash.in .

The Company's liability under this Agreement shall not in any event exceed the total amount of fees and charges paid by the User to the Company for the period immediately preceding two (2) months prior to the incident giving rise to the relevant claim.

The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages sustained by reason of any disclosure (inadvertent or otherwise) of any information concerning the User's account and particulars nor for any error, omission or inaccuracy with respect to any information so disclosed.

The Company does not warrant that i-flash.in or any of the web sites linked to i-flash.in be free of any operational errors nor that it will be free of any virus, worm, or other harmful component.

All Disputes arising out of the transactions between a user and i-flash solutions , India will be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts situate in chennai alone.

The User acknowledges that it is not the Company's policy to exercise editorial control over and to edit or amend any data or contents of any emails or posting or any information that may be inserted or made available or transmitted to a third party in or through i-flash.in . The Company may refuse, suspend, terminate, delete or amend any artwork, materials, information or content of any data or information or posting so as, in the sole opinion of the Company, to comply with the legal or moral obligations as placed on the Company and to avoid infringing a third party's rights or any other rules, standards or codes of practices that may be applicable to the posting or i-flash.in or the internet.