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About Us

Welcome to i-flash Solutions!

From the Education sector to the Recruitment space, we offer innovative, fast-paced solutions, waiving the intricacy that stifles modernization and up-to-the minute advancement in these sectors. Our prolific professionals invest their time in Research & Development to stay ahead the curve and innovates solutions to make our clients feel outstanding in their business.

i-flash Solutions perpetrate the education enhancement, skills development and assessment of target audience. The solutions offered by us are reliable, affordable and above board.

Every customer of i-flash is valued and the success of our customers is our actual victory. We provide our customers with the best leverage solutions to make them achieve their goals and help them stay ahead of the pack.

Solutions offered:


To be the best digital solution provider in Educational & Recruitment sectors in the nation.


To help our clients maximize their return on investment by creating and delivering the customized measurable solutions.

Our Team:

Our extraordinary team is curious in innovating solutions and creates the unexpected. They share their talent, proficiency and expertise with the world. Our team is readily available to guide the customers affably and the work of our team is solely dedicated to the success of our clients.